December 14, 2014

     An evening of dining, fashion, beauty and wellness hosted by M2 Brands, Genesis Holistic Spa and Eilia Studio on 25 Nov. Invited guests able to get closer and understand the brands well by testing the products and explanation by the crew. The event took place at Flora Terrace Cafe, a romantic place for dining.

Buffet dinner was served on the night.
Emcee of the event.
A short speech about the brand was given.
Guests walk around the cafe to visit the booth of the products.

     Genesis Holistic Spa offers a new holistic approach to wellness for day spas by combining energy healing, alternative therapies and other wellness regimes with spa therapies. They provided an array of treatments and services that use Alqvimia essential oils from Spain. Alqvimia is a high energy natural beauty product that treat and care for the body, mind and spirit, it is always a favourite brand of most women. Treatments and services that suits different individuals will be done after consultation.

     We were introduced to Lip Addict and ILash and IBrow products too. Lip Addict is a  lip plumper that is special formulated to give customers fuller, younger and more kissable lips. It has benefit including reduce the fine line and wrinkles on our lips, long lasting hydration for dry lips and more. ILash is an eyelash conditioning gel that can help to grow your eyelashes. I wish my eyelashes can be longer too, wait until I get this product in hand and I will do a review about it. The accompanying product, IBrow offers a solution for thinning eyebrows with its special formula that helps to grow hair on eyebrows.

Lip Addict
Guest testing the product.
They have IHair too for those who face a problem with hair loss.
Alqvimia essential oils. 

A series of Alqvimia products.
Jenny was finding out which essential oils suitable for her body with the help of a lady. 

Genesis Holistic Spa
Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/genesisholistic

Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/alqvimiaworld

     M2Brands sells a variety of end-season and pre-owned luxury branded apparel at discounted prices. They have two outlets which are situated at Tropicana City Mall and Centrepoint. I visited to M2 outlet at Centrepoint last week to get a pair of jeans. They have a wide selection of branded jeans and the staff is very helpful to get a pair of jeans that suit me.

M2 outlet at Centrepoint.
Choosing a pair of nice jeans for myself.

M2 World of Brands
Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/M2Brands

     Iskin New York is premium skincare range that cater to the increasingly deamnding skin health and beauty needs of todays. According to Ms Fan Yong, Iskin New York has a flagship program called the Iskin Transformation Kit which is suitable for Asian skin. The formulation of the kit can increase the skin tolerance to environmental factors and aging. They also offer products that contain specialized peptides-chains of amino acids that perform specific functions like anti-aging or skin lightening agents.


     Meet new friends during the event, pictures is a must!

Get to know some new friends during the night.
Jenny, my best partner to attend event.
With Sze Jun. 

My outfit of the night. 

     Till here! =)

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