February 03, 2016

   A quick sharing about Toni & Guy Malaysia SOCIALIZED Collection launch that I attended. The event took place at APEX, Zouk. Toni & Guy Malaysia together with the awesome sponsors team include Zouk, Kerastage, Loreal, Label.M, Justin Yap Collection, Andy Bandy and Zalora had made this event successful. 

With my partners of the day Jenny Ma (left) and Rachel Ho (right).

   Toni & Guy's latest SOCIALIZED Collection is created by their Global Creative Director, Sasha Mascolo's artistic vision. 10 definitive cut and colour techniques for 2016 is presented by the team. 

Short sharing by David Mercer.

  The 8 female and 2 men's styles range from longer lengths with distressed textures, punctuated by overgrown eye-skimming fringes to short graphic shapes featuring techniques such as skin fades, strong angled disconnections and serrated graduations. 

   Toni & Guy see colour worn as a statement to enhance a cut with palettes of saturated retro red, electric violet and pewter and dramatic high contrasts to compliment each styles. 

Braids, knots and french kiss curls.

The Bronte (right)
The Soraya Cut
The Instalux
The Pearl

   Thanks Toni & Guy Malaysia for the invitation.

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