February 16, 2016

   A quick sharing about the parcel that I received last week! I had got myself a 2016 planner from a Korea online shop, quite satisfy with the quality products so I decided to share it on my blog. I was looking for a nice planner since last year December but I couldn't found any planner that I like. So one day I decided to Google search for some special designed 2016 planner and I found this website-Fall in Design! 

   All the planner sells in this website is so cute and I spotted some of the design that I really like! But it is a little bit pricey after include in the international shipping fee. With this price I can buy Japan Midori notebook liao XD Luckily they have 10% discount for first time customers. I would suggest you to purchase together with your friends so the shipping fee can be share. It took me some time to decide which one to buy because I like few of the design, at last I bought this planner with simple icon in Navy color designed by Wanna This. It costs me RM69.97.

Some of the pictures that I took from the website.

   This 160 pages undated planner comes with DS cover and elastic band closure. It is divided into 7 sections which are intro pages, weekly plan, monthly plan, yearly plan, work plan, free note and personal data. The size of the notebook is just 3.81x6.57 inches, best for travel. 

   I also bought a World Map Passport Holder because I don't want to waste the expensive international shipping fee, lololol. No la, just because I like the design and the color, it costs RM33.12. It is made up of PVC with 5 pockets to keep your cards, tickets or receipt. 

It fits my passport perfectly.

   Btw, I am a secret collector of Washi Tapes now, poisoned by my friends around and the lovely design make me wanna buy more. Most of the design that I collect is with Japanese theme design like Sakura or Sushi. 
Part of my Washi Tapes collection.
I collected notebook with special design/handmade notebook too.
   Till here! Will share how I decorate my planner in future post~

Website: http://www.fallindesign.com/

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