February 27, 2016

Japanese curry rice served with egg and a cup of milk. 

   Lovely Saturday! Heading out to somewhere else to have your breakfast? What about spending some time at home to prepare breakfast for yourself or to surprise your love one? Today I'm going to share some easy breakfast hacks to get your breakfast ready within 30 minutes! Superrrr easy~

   Im going to prepare savoury and healthy Japanese Curry Rice (カレーライス). Fyi, Japanese curry is thicker and milder, so you can add in some chillies or curry powder if you prefer it to be spicier.


Look at the rabbit,isn't it cute?


What you need to prepare? 

-Curry sauce mix (one packet for one serving)
-Boneless chicken meat

This is rhe curry sauce mix from Daiso that I used.

Easy steps : 

1. Prepare the rice and cut vegetables and meat into bite size pieces.
2. To make the curry sauce, pour the curry sauce out, add in vegetables and sliced meat, stir well and cook until the meat is tender. You can add in chillies or curry powder (optional).
3. Shape the rice into a rabbit head on a plate. 
4. Pour the curry sauce around the rice and decorate the face of the rabbit using seaweed.
5. Done! 

Seaweed is use to make the eyes, nose anf mouth of the rabbit, I cut it free hand. 

   Till here! Im going to share more easy breakfast hacks in upcoming post! Do follow me on Instagram for quick update of the breakfast that I prepare! #mikayoXbreakfast

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