June 25, 2016

   Today we are going to DIY a high tea session at home with the pastries that I bought from Chateraise Patisserie KLCC! Chateraise Patisserie, a popular patisserie chains from Japan is now at Malaysia and they have two outlets, one at Isetan KLCC and another one at Isetan One Utama! ALL OF THE PASTRIES ARE AIR FLOWN FROM JAPAN! Omg, I can't wait to try them out. They have more than 460 outlets in Japan, uses only the best ingredients to bake pastries. These colourful pastries are so attractive, how can a girl say NO? I feel like want to buy everything home but I can't finish all, awwww~

   Ok, back to our Saturday high tea session. We have two cakes and one cream puff from Chateraise, no coffee for today but we have vegetable juice from Itoen (feeling so healthy lol) and Meiji Matcha Ice Cream. 

My dessert table set up nice or not? Teeheee~
   The always sold out No.1 best seller, Legendary Fresh Cream Cake. Finally, I bought this home after the third visit lol. The cake is light and soft with my favourite fresh Strawberry. But honestly, I like another Strawberry cake-Three Fraise Cream Cake more.

Legendary Fresh Cream Cake 
   If you are chocolate lovers you must try Crispy Chocolate Cake! It is soft and moist, every bite is full with crunchy chocolate filling, awesome! I bought this chocolate cake again for Father's Day Celebration and my family like it too~

Crispy Chocolate Cake
   Double Cream Puff (ダブルシュークリーム) surprisingly tastes super good! I don't like puff at all but I'm falling in love with this double cream puff omg!! This one another No.1 best seller in Chateraise that you should not miss out! The puff is filled with fresh cream and fresh egg custard, I like the soft and fluffy cream puff shell the most.

Double Fantasy
Do note that most of  their pastries has short shelf life to maintain the freshness. 
Look at the fluffy puff that is full with cream and egg custard, so yummy. 
   Although their pastries are quite pricey but it worth every single cent you pay! Indulge yourself with some cute looking yummy pastries once in a while is such an enjoyment. Btw I actually wish they can have a cafe that served good coffee so that I could sit down and enjoy their pastries right after purchase!

Chateraise Malaysia
Outlets: Isetan KLCC, Concourse Floor//Isetan One Utama Shopping Centre, 2nd Floor Eat Paradise
Business hour: 10am-9.30pm
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CHATERAISEMALAYSIA/
Official Japan website: http://www.chateraise.co.jp/ 

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I don't get paid to review all the cafes in Saturday High Tea series.

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