June 04, 2016

   Happy to receive an invitation to join Beauty & The Feast Spa Party at HerbaLine Puchong. This is their latest outlet which combined facial spa and restaurant together with the concept of Look Well and Eat Well. I never been to any HerbaLine outlet before but I guess I'm falling in love after this visit! Find out why I think this is the best place for a relaxing spa and beauty experience =)

Facial Spa and Mama Kim restaurant
*Herbaline Facial Spa* 

   Friendly HerbaLine's staff gave us a quick tour and brief of HerbaLine Facial Spa and Mama Kim Puchong.
Receptionist counter
   Started with a 5 min foot bath with sea salt. Sea salt has been known to have health benefits, it has anti-bacteria and sterilises properties. 

   After that, we tried out Foot reflexology where fish eat your dead skins, leaving your leg and feet soft and glowing. It felt like a mosquito biting you. 

   Next, we move on to this room for Sea Salt Therapy. This space surprised all of us because it just looks like a corner of a beach, felt so relaxing when I'm inside this room. The lighting here is yellowish so the photos turned out to be darker, the room is actually in white. 

Facial and massage room for two. 
Bathing room.
Changing room.
Butterfly threading to remove fine hairs on face to achieve firm skin and refined pores. 
Aroma Therapy for relaxing. 
Lemon Grass tea.

Body shaping consulting room.
The Beau store to purchase skin care products by Herbaline. 

Group photo with the ambassadors. 

*Mama Kim Dining*

   After the tour, we moved on to Mama Kim Restaurant to have our healthy and yummy dinner! Mama Kim is well known for serving hearty meals that emphasis on nutrient, freshness and deliciousness.  
spacious and relaxing environment. 
   A short sharing session by Mr. Low, Managing Director of HerbaLine. He shared how he started this business together with his wife, they wish to provide 'burden-free' spending and service to their customers. Thus, they founded HerbaLine, Mama Kim and then Sojourn Guesthouse, providing affordable and high-quality services. 

I LOVE this refreshing fruit tea. 
Healthy salad as starter.
The Signature Sauna Mee, springy noodles with healthy vegetables and hot soup. 
Black Glutinous Rice Soup added with Coconut Milk, perfect ending for this yummy meal. 
   What a comfortable and satisfying evening spend at HerbaLine Puchong. Alright, is time to revitalise my body, mind at spirit at HerbaLine, stay tuned for the next post about my staycation at HerbaLine, Pandan Indah! 

Address: No 39 Jalan Layang-Layang 4, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.
Tel: 03-5121 5055

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