July 27, 2016

   Hi girls, remember that I share about Realash products last month? I received an Eyelash Enhancer and a Brow Conditioner to review the products. Today marks the 30th day of my journey with Realash! In this post, I want to share with you girls the result after I use Realash products for 30 days. Read my unboxing post here if you haven't :)

   Here is my before and after pictures using Realash products.



   You can obviously see that my eyebrow is now fuller and my eyelashes also grow longer! Besides, I also realize that my eyelashes are growing stronger, it doesn't fall off easily when I'm removing my mascara. I'm very happy and surprised with the result, after using the products in a short period of 30 days. I will definitely continue to apply both of the products for a better result. For your information, One bottle of 3ml Eyelash Enhancer can use for three months while one bottle of 4ml Brow Conditioner can last minimum 8-12 weeks.

   Tips for you if you want to get a better result, apply it at night instead of morning. Sometimes when I'm busy and forget to apply the products, I will just do it the following night. Just make it a habit to apply Eyelash Enhancer and Eyebrow Conditioner before you sleep. Don't be a lazy girl if you want to look pretty! 

          Try Realash now and be amaze with the result!

   You can shop for Realash products at http://www.realash.my/ and follow their Instagram 

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