July 24, 2016

   I was invited to join 'Spice Up the Night' event hosted by Home Deal and SPI Manufacturing Sdn Bhd last week! I finally found the life-saver products for anyone who doesn't know how to cook~ No cooking skills needed at all if you are using these products from SPI Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, let me reveal the secrets of preparing a quick, easy, delicious and healthy local meal

   The event started with a short introduction of SPI Manufacturing Sdn Bhd by Mr Alex. Low. The company was established to manufacture and distribute premium quality, all-natural semi-finished bases to businesses in various F&B industries. They launched a range of bases that are simple and fuss-free to prepare, which includes Spice Base, Coconut-inspired Product and Paste.

   Without MSG, artificial preservatives, colouring or filler, SPI Manufacturing's products are focusing on authentic taste and healthy. Now, their products are globally distributed and used by Airline Caterers, local and international renowned chefs, F&B franchises, catering houses, food manufacturers and more. 

 Spargo Mills-Spice Base 
*all natural ingredients with no added MSG, colouring, fillers or preservatives
*oven roasted dried fresh herbs and spices
*specially formulated and blended to achieve the respective authentic flavor
*powder form which can create many varieties of food recipe
*products : Meat Curry Premix, Sambal Tumis Premix, Satay Marinade Premix

Spargo Mills

*coconut-inspired pudding dessert 
*soft and creamy texture
*made from premium-grade genuine and natural coconut cream powder
*includes quality plant-based ingredients
*no cooking required at all, just use hot water (90°C) to melt it
* Flavours: Original, Yam, Pandan

Pandan, Yam and Original flavours Puddinbaze. (left to right)

 Spargo Mills-Instant Coconut Mix 
*made from premium imported coconut powder
*natural and genuine
*no coloring, essence, fillers or preservatives
*100% water soluble and double strength
*effectively enhancing the taste and texture of savoury dishes, desserts and beverages.

Premix Nasi Lemak (left) and Instant Coconut Mix (right).
   Cooking demo was carried out to let all of us know easy steps to prepare few tempting local dishes include Chicken Satay, Curry Chicken and Nasi Lemak. No more spending long hours in the kitchen to cook, preparing local dishes is now easier and quicker with these products. Just mix all the ingredients together and cook/microwave it, as simple as that. Who say you cannot cook?

   After the cooking demo, we were served with meals prepared using SPI Manufacturing's products. I cannot believe that it can be so delicious! Trust me, you should really try this! I especially like the Satay because it tastes so good, no difference from the Satay that we can buy from famous satay stall. This is totally the life-saver products for all the housewives out there, you can save so much time in cooking if you use this XD

Nasi Lemak, Curry Chicken, Satay, Chocolate tart, Pudding, Fruits and Cendol. 
Everyone enjoyed the meal so much! 
   After the satisfied meal, we watched a demo on how to cook oppsss, I mean prepared Creme Coconut Pudding because it is without cooking needed! All you need is just hot water and a mould to make this creamy rich Coconut Pudding. You can add in any flavours that you want in Original flavours. 

   It was so fun to attend this event together with my friends, I never know that cooking can be as easy as ABC! I think it is time for me to cook something for my family with SPI products and they must be surprise that my cooking improves a lot hehe! 

   Wonder where you can purchase SPI Manufacturing's products? All these products are now exclusively selling at Home Deal online store http://www.homedeal.my/ or Home Deal Facebook Page! Get your kitchen ready and start cooking!

SPI Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
Address: No 2, Lorong Teknologi C,Taman Sains Selangor 1,PJU 5, Kota Damansara,47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +603-6143 4825
Website: http://supremeprominence.com/

Home Deal Online Store
Website: http://www.homedeal.my/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Home-Deal-1704499343125877/

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