[LIFESTYLE] : SUMMER FESTIVAL BON ODORI 2016 | マレーシア盆踊り大会 2016

July 25, 2016

This was my second year to join Bon Odori celebration in Malaysia. I brought my BFFs together and all of us were wearing yukata to the event. 

Black x yellow yukata fot this time.

As usual, I set my hair by myself. Tied a hair bun and put some hair accessories that I bought from Daiso. This photo taken after I back from the event so my hair look a bit messy, oppss.

Make Up

Here are some interesting photos that we took at the event! So many people requested to take photos with us *shy* So if anyone of you took any photos with us please email me, hehe.

Photo credits to my photographer friend, Kean Heng
Malaysian drinks-Teh Tarik
Bumped into a giant octopus while we were looking for something to eat.

Bought this because it looks cute, it is a Temaki (handroll) but ice cream cone is used instead of seaweed. 

Watch this short video of us at Bon Odori 2016~ 

Till next year, さよなら 💛

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