August 06, 2014

     A very quick post about my half day escape-from-the-city trip to Bukit Tinggi that full with beautiful pictures from my phone(without any edit only add in watermark), scroll down to view and enjoy yourself peeps! It is a bright sunshiny day with blue sky during my visit, Bukit Tinggi definitely is a place to visit if you want to get closer with the mother nature! I have visited the Japanese Tea House and Colmar Tropicale but I skipped Rabbit Farm as we got not enough of time.

Japanese Tea House

Colmar Tropicale

There is white and black swans on the lake that make me feel so dreamy~

This is how the lake look like from top.

Have a cuppa after tired of walking, the coffee is just so so only, dont expect too much=P

Colmar Tropicale at night with beautiful light

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