August 25, 2014

     Hello readers, I am back to update a beauty products post that I really really wanna share with you guys! *excited* It is about the mask that I like to use recently called Regen 2 Step Synergy Effect Mask! They has four different type of mask which is whitening, pore care, anti wrinkles and moisturizing. Continue to read to get to know what I like about this mask and how I feel after used it. Fyi, there are lots of Korean celebrity love this mask too include 2NE1 and KARA!

     2 Step Synergy Effect Mask is produce by Regen Cosmetics from Korea and it is free from alcohol, coloring, mineral oil and preservative. It is divided into two parts which is the upper part for face and the lower part for chin. The upper part of the mask is 100% cotton mask While the lower part of the mask is a ear style mask in gel type that can enhance the effect of the mask and which u need to hang it on your ear and it helps to achieve the V shape face because it can eliminate bloating and water retention.

This is how the packaging look like!

I get one piece for each type of the mask.

From left to right : Anti wrinkle, moisturizing, whitening and pore care.
This is how it look like after put on two part of the mask.

Brand Information
Regen Cosmetic is a prestige brand made by plastic surgeons and dermatologist of Seoul National University. 

Mikayo's Review
     I have combination skin, and the main problem that I faced is I have large skin pores, so I choose to tried out the pore care mask first. The mask is full with the essence when I took it out so it definitely worth the price and you may apply the extra essence onto your neck, hand or leg part. Also I like the flowery smell of the mask. Put on both of the mask and wait for about 20 minutes, it is so easy to use and wont take up too much of time too. Check out the video below to learn the correct way to put on the mask and they teach V face massage in the video! After 20 minutes, take out the mask and massage the excessive essence on your face for better absorption. I felt that my skin pores is more smaller than before after I applied the mask, I should use it more often to get the visible effects! If you are interested to get yourself one, you may get it from http://www.hermo.my/ for RM17.90 one pcs or Value Mask Set for RM82.50 for 5pcs. And if you dont believe that it is as good as I said, you can read the feedback from other user below the product description from the website, they received so many good compliments.

Regen Cosmetics is a famous Korea cosmetics surgery hospital and their products are currently available in Malaysia exclusively with Hermo-

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