August 07, 2014

     Sawadee ka! Boat Noodle has now row their boat to The School, Jaya One, an all new outlet that will be open for business soon! Hope that after the second outlet start to run their business, there will be no more terrible long queue at the first outlet which located at Empire Damansara.

     The new outlet at Jaya One were having free tasting for everyone before the opening! Start from the first day of free trial, the place was already full with patrons that came for the delicious noodle! Everyone can try out their new menu for free as long as you came in betwenn 12pm-6pm! I have went to the free tasting session with my friends and all of us were very satisfy with the foods and drinks except for the long wait for about one and a half hours, lol. May be more and more outlets should be open to cut down the long queue? hahaXD

     Boat Noodle is highly recommended to those who love sour and spicy food(like me!). They serve four different kind of noodles which are Chicken Soup Glass Noodle, Chicken Dry Glass Noodle, Beef Soup Glass Noodle and Beef Dry Glass Noodle. And also some tit-bits like fruit salad, fishball, and chicken wing and beverage like pandan cooler, iced milk tea, and 'longan' to choose.

Beef Soup Glass Noodle
Glass noodle with the sour and spicy soup and beef meat ball.

Chicken Soup Glass Noodle
Glass Noodle with sour and spicy soup and chicken meat ball.

Fruit Salad
It was my first time to try out a spicy and sour fruit salad haha, because I usually put mayonnaise to make fruit salad.It is a lil bit too spicy for me. 

Dessert-Ka Num Tuay
Made of pandan and coconut, taste like nyonya kuih, something sweet and nice to have it after bowls of boat noodles!

Iced Milk Tea and Drinks of the day-Pandan Cooler
Both also taste good but I like milk tea more, good to chill you down after the sweet and spicy meal.

 Cheers! *^_^*

     Till here. To avoid queue, you may visit Boat Noodle during weekdays=)

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  1. We went to the food tasting too :D


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