August 21, 2014

     Hello readers, I want to share about a makeover package with you guys in this post! This is a collaboration between me and Mindy from Micanana Makeover, we hope that we can help every girls to unleashed her new style! If you are interested to build your portfolio or wish to create a new look for yourself, you may email us at for our makeover price listing.

     各位亲爱的读者们,今天想分享的是我和Micanana Makeover 一起合作的改造配套,里头包括发型设计,化妆和室内或室外拍摄。我们希望可以帮助女生们发掘自己的新形象。如果你有兴趣拍摄或替自己改造的话可以email 到 询问价钱。

Photo by Mikayo

Model : Slyvia Yan

Model : Megan

Model : Anabelle

Model : Jenny Ma

Model : Nicole Xiang

Model : Sandy

Doll in the shoes box
Model : Sandy

Mindy's make up work

Natural Make Up

3D Make Up

Creative Make Up

Cat Eye Make Up

Dinner Night Make Up

     In the end of this post, we will be giving away two free makeover package to two person that select by us randomly, all you need to do is just complete the rafflecopter below and leave a comment below the blog post tell me why you want to win this makeover to stand a chance to win this giveaway!(make sure you complete it, dont cheat! XD) Good luck <3 br="" nbsp="">
     在文章的尾声我们将送出2个改造配套,只要你完成以下rafflecopter的指示并留言告诉我你想赢奖的原因, 就有机会赢取改造配套了,记得附上自己的email, 方便我们联络你!加油咯~


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8 ♥comment :

  1. I want to win this giveaway because I want to try another brand new style. Every girls love to be beauty. Besides, normally photographers are guys. You really surprised me when I saw your photos! Can't wait to see more coming artworks ♡

  2. Hey Mikayo! Morning ; )
    I'm here to inform you that I can't find you on Twitter, they said user not found. Is it another way to follow you?
    Ps: I'm newbie for Twitter.

    1. Hi stephy, I just found out that there is something wrong with the setting of my rafflecopter, thanks for comment to remind me, I have corrected it, you may try to follow again ya=)

  3. I want to win this giveaway because I want a makeover to see a brand new me. There's always the plot where the heroin having a makeover in the dramas and I wish I could be like them, transform into a stunning person. I'm a girl who doesn't know how to makeup and I hardly find a makeup style that suits my face. I've tried makeup artist to do my makeup however it ended up with a disappointing result :(. By the way, your works really amazed me! Those girls had a successful makeover result due to your great job! I believe that I will discover the style that suits me well under your guidance which is why I'm joining this giveaway:). Being pretty is every girls' dream, thanks to Micanana Makeover for offering this opportunity to fulfill our dreams :D.

  4. I want to win this giveaway because I wan to look different !

  5. I would love to get a makeover because I have never really gotten a makeover or done a photoshoot before. I'm just the regular next door girl and have just started experimenting on makeup. Would love to see a new me and I love how natural all the makeover are! :)

  6. Hello Mikayo! I would love to win this makeover because which lady does not like to get dolled up and take lot's of beautiful pictures. Cheers!

  7. Hi, Mikayo~ I would like to win this makeover because I never involve in any type of makeover before. I hope I can have a chance to experience new things in my life! I hope that this makeover change create a new style for me due to in the past 20 years, I always in the same style >_<

    Anyways, thank you for your makeover package giveaway! Thankiu <3 and have a nice day :)


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