June 18, 2013

This funny thought suddenly come across my mind so i decided to blog about it! 
Do not judge me, do leave a comment to let me know if we are the same kind of people, haha.

1) I usually use two straws to drink soft drinks at fast food restaurant.
2) I buy and use watsons tissue papers for 4 years.
3) I love to hug my soft toy and talk with them.
4) My room is always messy.
5) My handphone is always beside me or in my hand for whole day.
6) Sometimes I am very talkative but sometimes I just want to keep quiet.
7) I will snap a photo of the food before i eat.
8) I sing loudly when there is no one in the room.
9) I definitely play the same song over and over again when I am fa
10) I will craving for snacks when i got nothing to do.
11) I overthink everything, this make me always feel so stress.
12) Stalk people through facebook and instagram just to pass time.
13) I like to sit down and think about everything that happened in a day during midnight when everyone
      already sleep.
14) I cannot stop myself from buying something that I think is cute.
15) I feel awesome when I put on earphone and turn the music loud.

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