June 25, 2013

          Haze have been attacked  our country since last week, many people fall sick due to this. Haze that produced by burning of the forest in Indonesia was brought over by wind to few countries and make people difficult to breath, sore throat, coughing and more.

          Every year we will be suffer because of the haze problem. However we have not get a solution for this. As seen on newspaper, haze is getting more worst in this few days. Some school even closed because of the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) levels is  too high and it is dangerous to human. It is not the time to put blame on each other, all countries should be work together to solve the problem. 

          Here is some tips to keep you healthy during this 'haze season' :
                    1. avoid from taking oily food
                    2. drink more water
                    3. wear mask when you are going out
                    4.  stay indoors if possible
                    5. use eyedrops to overcome eye irritation problem

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