June 25, 2013

          I bought this book at Borders gurney plaza last month during my penang trip. It is in chinese word, the title of this book attracted me to bought it home, The Complete Book Of Meditations. According to the introduction wrote on the book, the author of this book is the king of Rom. It is a collection of thoughts and experiences of the king about life, human behavior and society.

          I just read few pages until now because I am so busy with loads of tutorial works. I personally think that it is a good book to read because we can get inspired by those little stories inside it. It is divided into few parts to discuss about family, friends, works, attitude etc. Some values that has been emphasize inside this book include we should always be humble, think twice before you act, learn to be independence, think and act rationally when you are facing a problem and more. 

          Through reading we can increase our knowledge and enrich our spiritual, so do make reading a habit. Well, hope  I can have time to finish up this book in coming months! 

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