June 11, 2013

          I watch a video that was very touching yesterday, named THE LAST 10 MINUTE IN YOUR LIFE. It was a real story that happened on 1985 at Japan airport, one of the airplane suddenly exploded after took off and fell down. Many people died and only four of them was survived.
          I was crying when I watched the video. What would you do when you still have 10 minute life? I could not imagine what I will do on that time, but I feel so scare when I think about it. The video make me realize that I should do more when I am still alive and stop from grumble because I am so lucky compare to the others.
          We do not what will happen in the next minute, appreciate all the things before it is too late. We are nothing when we are in front of death. Start to love all the people around you from today, do not feel regret in the future.

*click HERE to watch the video! =)

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