June 04, 2013

          Relationship between people is so complex because eveyone of us is so special and different with one another. We have different personalities, different background, different thought, different culture etc. It is not easy to know what others think.
          I always remind myself not to be friend with those bad attitude people because proverb say that he that touches pitch shall be defiled. It is true because I experienced it myself. If your friends around you are very cheerful and positive, they will affect you to be a energetic and positive person. So it is important to choose a person who have a good personality to be your friends.
         Of course no one of us is perfect. Everyone has it own weak point. We should respect tolarance with each other. Tell your friends their weakness and help them to change it is a good idea.
          Lastly, just be yourself but do not use this as a excuse to have a bad personality.

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