September 10, 2014

     Went to The Square, Publika for Bon Odori event last Saturday. It was my first time to join Bon Odori event, excited! The place was full with the crowd when I reached and the dance performance was going to start soon!

     After the dance performance, here go the Yukata contest where girls who wear Yukata need to do catwalk on the stage.

I walk around when the contest is still going on. There were few vendors selling food and drinks.

Many type of alcohol from Japan selling here.

Gyoza which sell at RM10 for 4 pcs, taste good, worth to try out. 
They will cook it immediately once you place order, so that you can eat it warm.

My fresh-from-wok Gyoza, yummm~

Ebiko Onigiri from Niko Niko, taste good!

Sushi and handrolls by Sushi Q.

Sakura Yuzu drinks which taste like Fanta.

     After the simple dinner, we go back to the stage to watch dance performance again. People dance together around the stage.

     I went back about 830pm, didnt wait until the event end. I feel a little bit of disappointment because I expected it to be a bigger event with some special Japanese food or things that I can buy or try out but there was just a few vendors and not much of Japanese food. And the Japanese food that sold during the event is from Japanese restaurant in Malaysia where we can it eat anytime when we want. But it is still full with the crowd and the dance performance is awesome. Hope they can make it better in next year, looking forward! =)

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  1. You might give a try to bon odori event which held on next sat at shah alam, a grant event which held every year


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