September 13, 2014

     Helo! I am going to share with all my readers what I feel after used this Snail Paper Mask by Deoproce from Korea. As you know I always lazy to apply mask and my daily skin care is just face wash and toner, but recently I have to change this bad habit because my skin started to peel off a little bit due to dryness>_<! It is a warning for me that I cannot ignore my skin care routine anymore. So I have been trying out few moisturizing masks to help on my skin condition.

The Function of Deoproce Snail Paper Mask
     -Contain snail secretion filtrate, which can protect our skin from getting rough
     -help our skin to regenerate, repair and promote skin elasticity and smoothness
     -work together with collagen and elastin inside our skin to improve our skin condition
     -provide an intense nourishment of essential ingredients so that our skin look younger and soft
     -recommended for all skin types

Steps to Apply Deoproce Snail Paper Mask
1. Clean your face with cleasing milk.
2. Use warm water to rinse your face so that your skin pores will be open and absorb the essence in the
    mask .
3. Apply the mask and wait for 15-20min.
4. Remove the mask and massage your face gently with the remaining essence to enhance the absorption.
5. Apply

Suggestion : For better result, apply the mask every alternate 2nd or 3rd day.

My Review 
     The cotton mask is very thin and full with the essence. It 'stick' well on my skin and has a relaxing herbal smell. After applied the mask, my face is softer and moisturizing compare to before.
     If you wish to purchase, click into : www.hishop.my. Happy shopping ladies! 

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