Nana's Green Tea X Jenny Ma's Birthday

September 07, 2014

     Outing with my girlfriends to celebrate Jenny's birthday last week! We planned to go Nana Green Tea for the celebration, wanted to try out this Japanese Restaurant before as it has many good review especially for their green tea dishes. It was a happy day with all the girls although Jenny and me were super late for the dinner, haha. We went to do facial treatment before heading to The Gardens and never expect that the treatment and consultation took us so long time. we were so hungry when we reached Nana's Green Tea. It was almost 10pm luckily we still managed to make our order.

The display outside Nana, they served many kind of Japanese dishes.

Picture first before we started to eat, girls being girls XD
From left, me, KerChi, Jenny, Charis and Aerisk.

This was what I had as my dinner at Nana, Japanese Curry with Chicken Katsu and rice plus miso soup. I like the curry but the chicken was like not really fresh, I finished up all the things except the chicken katsu=X

Forgot what is the name of this green tea dessert but Im totally in love with it! Purposely come to eat this dessert the other day with my friend, I am craving for this right now*drooling*

Taaadaaaa~Le birthday girl Jenny, do check out her blog !
The cake is made by Kerchi Lau from E.A.T, check out her instagram @EDIBLE.ADVENTURE.TASTE for customized cake and cupcakes. (They are having promotion right now)

 May your wish come true! =)

     Our group pictures after the mall close. We was trying to make some funy faces when nobody around ahahaXD

Ok, enough of our pictures spam, here is the pictures of me and Jenny to end this post!
Again, Happy Birthday to this pretty lady, stay young and pretty! Much love 

*Credits to Jenny's ZR1200 camera and my Iphone for all the pictures=)

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