September 23, 2014


1. People say that I'm a soft person but they will never know my true color until I get mad, bahaha.
2. If people betray me, i wont trust them for the second times.
3. I'm addicted to strawberry chocolate from #MeijiJapan currently, buy me some if you meet meXD
4. Not many people know that I'm short sighted. I think so?
5. I hate the feeling of being ignored by someone.
6. I got no patience at all, if you make me wait, something bad will happen. *refer to No.1*
7. I love coffee!
8. I can't stay at home for more than two days, its so boring.
9. Always doubt on my own ability, no confidence at all, aiks.
10. I'm a very stubborn person, I do what I want to do without taking other advise most of the time.
11. I wish I can grow taller.
12. I like pink and black color.
13. I wish to visit Japan before I'm 30 yrs old 
14. I love photography because it capture and save the moment.
15. I want to learn how to bake. *if I have more free time*
16. Jay Chou is my only idol, I can listen to his song whole day long.
17. I scare snake, yerrrr 
18. I get emo easily, lol.
19. My room never look tidy. Oppsss
20. You are too awesome because you read all twenty of my #craptalk, arigato, hahaha.

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