September 18, 2014

     5 of us girls from MHB joined two days one night Sony Alpha Workshop in Malacca last month. Read on to know what have we learned during the workshop! All of the photos below were captured using Sony camera.

First Day
     Depart from Times Square KL to Malacca. Checked in hotel and had our lunch before the class start.

Selfie first once get Sony cameraXD

Food Photography
     The first class was to shoot raw food  after a short speech by organizer.

My serious face during the class, hahaha, credits to Lean Jee for this picture.

The basic set up for the class, all we need to have is a light, trigger and a Sony camera.

Here I grab a pictures from Jenny Ma to show you guys the outcome of this food photography. Credits to Jenny Ma for this picture. I did not get any shot because there was so many people queue up to use the equipment, I did not get the chance to shoot. 

Flash Photography
     Heading to Kampung Morten, Malacca to learn flash photography. We were brief by the instructor that the shooting theme is Merdeka, we done this shoot in one of the kampung house.

The pretty blogger Charis. 

The friendly Atok explained to us the history of the 'Rumah Kampung'. It has been built for more than 92 years, and no major renovation until now except the kitchen. 

Grandma with his grand daughter was sewing Malaysia flag.

Charis and Kerchi done some fun shoot at the lawn. 

Pre Wedding Photography
     We went to Malacca town area for pre wedding photography class at night after our dinner. We were using LED light to shoot the models in wedding gown and suit.

Second Day
     Woke up at 4am for sunrise photography class but unluckily the weather was cloudy and there was thunder light. End up we took lightning photo instead of sunrise, LOL. We gave up and heading back to hotel. But when we are on the way back to hotel, we saw the sun light and we managed to get few sunlight photos at last. 

My Review for Sony Alpha 5100

     Sony has just launched a new alpha series which is Sony Alpha 5100! Wish to get one for my coming Thailand trip after tried out the camera during the workshop because it is so light, convenience to bring out and easy to use. I only have one compact camera and dslr now, sometimes I feel so lazy to carry the heavy dslr along. Here I grab an image from Sony Malaysia Facebook Page for reference. This Alpha 5100 has attracted me because of the its great function, 24.3 Megapixel with touch screen function and 179 AF Points. Below are the photos that we took using Alpha 5100 at Malacca. It has built in Wi-Fi function where we can transfer our photo to phone via Wi-Fi without using cable. Plus, the monitor can be flip 180 degree so it is suitable for girls who love selfie a lot!

Me with Aerisk, took it with flash and soft skin mode on during the sunrise photography class. See how the color turn out, superb nice! There is no red eyes and the soft skin mode is so natural.

Me with Kerchi, took it inside the bus when we heading back to KL.

     Overall, I enjoy the two days one night workshop with Sony, hope there is more photography workshop to enhance my photography skill! =)

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