September 16, 2014

     Join The Butterfly Project Girls Night Out event at Indulge TGV, One Utama last Saturday. It is a new luxury movie experience where movie is combining with fine dining! Not forget to mention the caring service where they provided comfy sofa with soft blanket (with nice smell) inside the cinema, worry no more when you feel cold and forget to bring jacket along. Beside the sofa there is a small table with call button for waiter service, you can make order of dessert or drink when watching movie. For the dining part, they offer a wide range of foods and beverages that included soup, salad, steak, pasta, pizza, dessert, coffee, tea, fruit juice, smoothies and mocktail.

This is how Indulge receptionist and dining area look like, so classy right?

     During the night, Muse by Watsons joined the event too. They shared their skin care products with all the bloggers and each of us received a goodies bag from them. I get a whitening cream and free eyebrow trimming service at Muse by Watsons. 

The food that provided by Indulge TGV during the event.
Grilled Salmon-served with seasonal vegetables and lemon butter sauce

Grilled Lamb Rack-served with seasonal vegetables and rosemary sauce

Nutty Tortilla Banana-Tortilla filled with peanut butter, cornflakes, and freshly sliced banana

Signature Panna Cotta-Italian cooked cream topped with raspberry

Smoked Duck Salad-smoked duck breast served with mesclun greens, capsicums, and skewed with kiwi and Balsamic dressing

Pumpkin Salad-Rocket Leaves with honey roasted pumpkin, cherry tomatoes and capsicums, with Balsamic dressing.

Lamb Koftas-Lamb patties served with green salad

Indulge cinema is equip with sofa, blanket and a small table.

Some of the happy faces during the event.

*The movie ticket for Indulge, TGV One Utama is priced at RM45 not include meal.

Indulge, TGV One Utama
3rd Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre,
Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama 47800
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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